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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta Scuba Diving

There are several diving options in Puerto Vallarta, some of them provide shallow and tranquil conditions with wall diving on the side were you can combine dive groups of
all levels from the same dive boat, such as Los Arcos,  Caletas and Marietas Islands. Because of the bottom structure (volcanic) we scuba dive off the rocky points, pinnacles,
coves, rock arches and reefs; the bottom of the ocean drops rapidly just a few hundred feet away from shore and provides with a variety of depths for snorkeling, shallow
diving and advanced diving.
Los Arcos, Caletas and Marietas Islands are located inside the bay and conditions are always good to scuba dive and to snorkel all year around.
If you need to take a scuba refresher, scuba lesson ((discovery scuba), long shallow dive, join the group of advanced divers in 80 to 100 ft wall dive, take your family
snorkeling while you scuba dive or join your friends on their first ocean dive after the scuba discovery; Los Arcos, Caletas and/or Marietas Islands will be your best option.
If you have more than 30 dives in your log book and looking for more challenge and advanced conditions, look no further... Los Anegados and El Morro are located outside the
bay's mouth and provide great diving. Los Anegados features a volcanic bottom formation with many caves and swim thoughs in 40 ft of water were hidden in the end of the
dark caves we often spot large nurse sharks on siesta mode. El Morro is a typical pacific ocean pinnacle, a rock sticking in the middle of the ocean... Dozens of swim throughs
and large caves, fish everywhere and we dive around the pinnacle between 60 and 80 ft deep, Los anegados and El Morro are world class diving from July to December
when water is warm and super clear.
Conditions at Los Anegados and El Morro from December to June are unpredictable because of the transitions on the water temperature, currents, speed of the wind and
cold fronts.. We have to look for the weather before departure and sometimes we have no choice but to stay inside the bay.

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